July 7, 2014

New editions include the July 7 Hollywood Tools, 2015-17 Movie Maker Calendar, 2015-16 Producer Calendar, and New York (Spring 2014).  With estimates for SAG-AFTRA 2.5% increases, 2014 July 7 Hollywood editions are ready for Hollywood Feature, Hollywood TVHollywood TV Series, and Area Standards (ready July 9).  The current edition for Vancouver is April 2014.

Note that the SAG-AFTRA rates are not expected to be published until August after SAG-AFTRA membership ratification of the new agreement.  Also we are waiting to see what the new TV rates increase will be based upon: SAG or AFTRA?  It was not specified in the announcement.  We hope to find out very soon what the reality is.

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Cleve is a Line Producer and Unit Production Manager for theatrical motion pictures and television movies, series and pilots. He is now wrapping Season 3 of the TNT television series Perception in Los Angeles and consults on other projects.

Cleve currently serves on the DGA National Board and also on the DGA AD/UPM Council. See About Cleve for more info.

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