Zcleve is the home for Cleve Landsberg & Cleve Movie Tools

Cleve is a Line Producer and Unit Production Manager for theatrical motion pictures and television series, pilots and movies.  He has worked across the United States and in Europe, Japan and Canada.  Cleve just completed the FALSE PROFITS television pilot for ABC and produced the TV series KINGDOM (Season 3) in 2017.  Cleve continues to serve on the DGA National Board and also on the DGA AD/UPM Council as 1st Vice Chair. See About Cleve for more info.

For the last decade, Cleve has worked primarily on TV pilots and series including FlashForward, Perception, Mistresses, Devious Maids, Training Day, and Kingdom. Feature films include Bruce Almighty, BASEketball, Mr. Destiny, The Ultimate Gift and Weekend At Bernie’s.  His many movies for television include the epic Crazy Horse and the acclaimed miniseries An Inconvenient Woman.  

Cleve created the Cleve Movie Tools over 20 years ago to help his own work on movie productions.  He began publishing the Tools after a Disney production exec insisted.  While Cleve actively engages the cutting edge of technology, the Cleve Tools are "low-tech in support of high-tech."

What are Cleve Movie Tools?  Each Tool is an 8-1/2x11, double-sided, color-coded, laminated quick reference for budgeting.  Our calendars are made similarly.  We don't advertise.  Our clients come to us by word-of-mouth or they saw someone using a Tool or a Calendar.  Aside from the executives and production professionals that use the Tools, they have been used to teach future filmmakers at the USC Peter Stark Producing Program, the American Film Institute, and Chapman University.