August 26, 2015

Hurrah!  We now have the new IATSE rates for the new agreement, which must still be ratified (expected first week in September). We have updated the Hollywood and Area Standards Tools.  We are poised to publish the new editions as soon as IATSE ratifies its contract that "went" into effect on August 1.  Yes, the rates will be retroactive to August 1.  Currently, my studio will not pay the new rates until ratification.

For our clients who can't wait until ratification, we will start shipping the new Tools this weekend, but with the caveat that if IATSE does not ratify or upends something.  You take the very small risk of owning an incorrect Tool; that is your risk.  The Tools will have a small sharpie "X" to identify the pre-ratification Tools.  See our Tools page for more info.

Our current editions include the Hollywood Tools (August 2015 editions), Area Standards (August '15), 2015-17 Movie Maker Calendar, 2015-16 Producer Calendar, Vancouver (April '14) and New York (March '15).  We will have a new edition for New York very soon.

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Cleve is a Line Producer and Unit Production Manager for theatrical motion pictures and television movies, series and pilots. He is now filming the new ABC series Wicked City.

Cleve currently serves on the DGA National Board and also on the DGA AD/UPM Council. See About Cleve for more info.

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