Cleve Movie Tools — Status of new IATSE & Teamsters Agreements

Teamsters Local 399 Ratifies New Pact - IATSE & Basic Crafts likely within a week

Members of Hollywood’s Teamsters Local 399 have ratified a new film and TV contract. Terms of the new three-year pact, which are retroactive to July 29, are believed to be in line with IATSE’s proposed new agreement. Ratification ballots for the new IATSE contact will be counted October 10.

Negotiations for a Local 399 contract covering casting directors are supposed to begin later this month.

The Basic Crafts unions, which negotiated with Local 399, are in the process of a ratification vote. They include the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 40, Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 78, Studio Utility Employees Local 724, and Plasterers and Cement Masons Local 755.

SAG-AFTRA official rates are in.

Finally the new rates from SAG arrived.  All of the Hollywood and New York editions for summer are now final.

The new rates matched our calculated rates in almost every case, but now we have the actuals. 

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Hope you’ve had a great summer!

Hooray! We have a SAG deal.

Wow! I am so grateful to have been part of the DGA negotiating committee and NOT the SAG group.  What a brutal holiday weekend all the negotiating teams had.  At least we got a deal, and our industry can continue unabated.

We have new editions for many of our Cleve Movie Tools.  Most important for those in an immediate crunch, we can provide you with new Hollywood Tools with SAG rates calculated for the 2.5% increase just now in effect (these will work for your budgeting).  It may be up to a month before we get published rates from SAG.

Please take note that as of July 1, Los Angeles has a new minimum wage of $12.00 in effect.  

As you know, the new SAG-AFTRA and DGA rates went into effect July 1.  On July 30, the new IATSE and Teamster rates for Hollywood also go into effect.  All new editions of Cleve Movie Tools include the the newly published rates for DGA, WGA, IATSE and Teamsters. When SAG publishes their new rates, we will add them to the Tools.

Noteworthy Fringes Info: DGA, WGA and SAG have fringe increases that add 0.5% to Pension.  We have updated this as well.  Still looking for details on SAG’s 0.2% fringe increase for monitoring animal rights, safety, and sexual harassment.

Cleve Movie Tools

New editions include all the Hollywood Tools, Area Standards and New York.  Vancouver was updated in April.  SAG rates are calculated and not from published rates.  See our Cleve Movie Tools page for details on each Tool.

Hope you had a great 4th of July!

Now get back to work...

Summer Notes + Paymaster

Our 2017 Movie Maker Calendar is available, as some of you already know.  Additionally, the 2017 Producer Calendar will be available mid-September.

Summer 2016 has provided a few significant changes beyond union rate increases.  

On July 1 the minimum wage in LA City and County became $10.50 per hour.  Your PAs will earn a bit more now -- and a lot more in San Francisco, which became a minimum of $13.00 per hour on July 1.  Make sure you check the minimum wage wherever you work. 

Additionally LA City has adopted a sick leave ordinance (6 days per year) for employees working in LA effective 7/1/16, which is double the California law.  This is confusing for movie and television production, since so many of us work in different jurisdictions on a daily basis.  Check with your payroll service about implementation and plan accordingly.  Central Casting calculated an allowance for extras' sick days, which is reflected in the payroll fringe.

2016-17 EP Paymaster corrections -- For those who use the Paymaster, there are a couple of corrections we found:  

  • Pg. 449  DGA Pension should be 5.5% (not 6% in Paymaster).  This is confirmed by DGA)
  • Pg. 695  Per SAG MOA for Features the first 57 BG actors include "all except one stand-in"; Television for the first 21 BG actors "up to 3 stand-ins per call are not to be counted. (confirmed by Central Casting)