Summer Notes + Paymaster

Our 2017 Movie Maker Calendar is available, as some of you already know.  Additionally, the 2017 Producer Calendar will be available mid-September.

Summer 2016 has provided a few significant changes beyond union rate increases.  

On July 1 the minimum wage in LA City and County became $10.50 per hour.  Your PAs will earn a bit more now -- and a lot more in San Francisco, which became a minimum of $13.00 per hour on July 1.  Make sure you check the minimum wage wherever you work. 

Additionally LA City has adopted a sick leave ordinance (6 days per year) for employees working in LA effective 7/1/16, which is double the California law.  This is confusing for movie and television production, since so many of us work in different jurisdictions on a daily basis.  Check with your payroll service about implementation and plan accordingly.  Central Casting calculated an allowance for extras' sick days, which is reflected in the payroll fringe.

2016-17 EP Paymaster corrections -- For those who use the Paymaster, there are a couple of corrections we found:  

  • Pg. 449  DGA Pension should be 5.5% (not 6% in Paymaster).  This is confirmed by DGA)
  • Pg. 695  Per SAG MOA for Features the first 57 BG actors include "all except one stand-in"; Television for the first 21 BG actors "up to 3 stand-ins per call are not to be counted. (confirmed by Central Casting)